Monday, December 2, 2013

It may be racist & deadly, but it's ONLY a game!

They call it the “Knockout Game” also known as "polar bear hunting"  but it's not a game—It’s an all-out racial assault on whites by young black thugs. You haven’t read much about it because the media is doing its best to ignore these unprovoked physical attacks. These “hate crimes” don’t fit their media template. It’s supposed to be whites attacking blacks, not whites as victims.

According to the mainstream media’s thinking, it’s only a hate crime if the victim is either black or gay. It can’t be a hate crime if the victims are a 30-yr old white couple. Ronald and Alan Russo, 30, were assaulted by 10 black youths after they honked their horn to signal the group to move so they could proceed through a green light.

Brooklyn intersection where the Russos were attacked
The New York Daily News reported that after Ronald honked his horn the upset youths began kicking his car. When Russo got out to examine the damage, he was thrown to the ground, punched and kicked throughout his body — including his head. He suffered numerous injuries, including a blood clot, abrasions to his shoulder, a fractured nose and a broken septum,

His wife, Alana, was also ripped from the car while she attempted to dial 911. Her head was slammed on the concrete and she suffered a black eye, bleeding and had difficulty breathing, prosecutors said, according to the New York Daily News.
“They struck the victims multiple times — heads, body, legs,” Grimpel said. “The female they struck her in the face. Also took an iPhone.”

During the attack, racial insults were hurled at the couple.
“Get those crackers!” some of the youths shouted, court papers reportedly said, “Get that white whore!”
“White motherf----r!” others reportedly shouted.

Australian student, Chris Lane, shot in the back while jogging.
The “Knockout Game” is also being played in the heartland of America. Last summer, three black teens were charged in the killing of an Australian university student in Duncan, Oklahoma “for the fun of it.”

Christopher Lane, of Melbourne, Australia, was shot in the back while jogging on the side of the road. The three black youths followed him in their car, shot him in the back and drove off.When asked why they did it, one of them said, “We were bored and decided to kill somebody for the fun of it.”

Chris Lane was here on a baseball scholarship. He was described by friends as a smart, kind guy would do anything for anybody.

President Obama who usually inserts himself into racial matters by making public statements condemning whites for violence against blacks, hasn’t yet uttered a word about black on white crime or "polar bear hunting." 

Maybe it’s because Chris Lane didn’t look like his son. Maybe it's because the three suspects do look like they could have been his son(s). On the subject of "Knockouts", the silence from our President and his black attorney general is deafening.

(In my next post, I'll offer some thoughts on what we as a society need to do about the increasing number of attacks on whites by young black teens.)

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