Monday, October 24, 2011

Are Smart Meters Dangerous To Your Health & Privacy?

The other day, I spoke with a woman from Idaho who was forced to abandon her home two years ago, because of the installation of a smart meter which caused her all kinds of health problems. At first, I thought “this woman is a nut”, but as I listened, I realized that she was on to something and her issues carry some serious weight.

We (that would be you and I, and the public at large) need to stop and take some time to consider these SMART METERS which are being FORCED upon us by President Obama's Dept. of Energy, IBM, Siemens, and your local utility companies. 

What is a Smart Meter?
Nearly 9 percent of the electric meters in the U.S. are smart, and more are on the way. But those smart meters may be a lot smarter than you think -- and know a lot more about you than you might want.

"The idea behind a smart meter is that it communicates information to the utility," Kevin Doran, a research professor at the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute at the University of ColoradoBoulder.

In an interview with PRI’s Living On Earth, Prof. Doran stated: "In theory, the utility can also use that pathway, if you will, to send information back to the consumer. The utility company could charge more for peak times, or it could even turn off appliances when they're not being used but could be saving electricity.Information from smart meters could help utilities manage energy more efficiently, but it could also be used for more nefarious purposes. 

My concerns:

·    Not only can your utility company (electric, water, or gas) monitor your energy use, but they can also RATION your use if they choose to, or they can penalize you for useage during peak periods. For example, if during the summer, it’s 96-degrees outside and you choose to keep your thermostat set at a comfortable 70-degrees,  the power company might demand that you set your thermostat no lower than 74-degrees and they could actually prevent you from going any lower in temp. Also, they could penalize you with a much higher rate for use during these peak periods.

This rationing is akin to what took place in the East European countries under Communism. I visited Romania in the early 1990s, and was informed that all their heat and electricity was centralized; it flowed from the center of the city (Bucharest) to the rest of the region. In many cases, under Nikolai Ceausescu (Romanian president from 1967-1989), Romanian citizens froze in their homes because they were only given enough heat to keep temps at 34-degrees. Sometimes the government would not turn on the heat until the middle of December when it was already below-zero temps. Also, Romanian citizens were only given enough electricity to light one or two 40-watt light bulbs, never mind trying to run an appliance or television.

·    Privacy issues. Each appliance in your house is being designed to send back information to the utility company under the guise of using energy more efficiently. But these chips and the smart meters can be used for more nefarious purposes. This data holds information about when you arrive home, go to bed, watch TV. Smart meters can be hacked, and someone in your neighborhood who has issues with you could hack into your smart meter and increase your electric or water bill.

·     We are told that smart meters will reduce our energy costs, but homeowners in Bakersfield and Fresno, CA., saw a dramatic increase in their electric bills after smart meters were installed. There is NO evidence currently that smart meters lower your utility bills, it’s just the opposite.

·      Health issues. Smart meters are causing increasing numbers of physical problems for consumers including headaches, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, sleeplessness, pains in various parts of the body. There are numerous reports of fires beings started by faulty smart meters which have taken the lives of the homeowners.

 What should you do?
  • Get informed. Ask yourself why there is a current moratorium on smart meters in Marin County and Santa Cruz, CA. This is home to “green activists” who are concerned about energy usage and its effects on the environment, but now they are also concerned about the effect of smart meters on humans.
  • Call your utility company (Electric, water, gas) and ask them what their plans are for smart meters.    Tell them you are opposed to the installation of a smart meter on your home until they can assure you in writing with factual evidence that smart meters are safe.
  • Write your senator or congressman and tell them you want a moratorium on smart meters. Tell them you don’t care for the invasion of privacy or the ability of the government to control and mandate your energy usage from your smart meter.


  1. I am the woman Dale spoke with recently.....

    Smart Meters violate the constitutional rights of everyone so unfortunate to be forcefed one. Utility company data mining is inherently dangerous to one’s privacy and potentially dangerous to one’s liberty on many levels depending on the intentions of the third party obtaining the information. This is corporate oppression and tyranny.

    The smart meter applications and mesh networking systems penetration into one’s privacy goes beyond the uses and misuse of data and defiling the sacredness of the home, it invades and penetrates one’s being, their physical body, their cells, it compromises the exact status of one’s life the minute it is turned on and alters the physical destiny of that person forever.

    My health was destroyed by a smart meter in Idaho. I was given no warning or help in discovering what in my environment was torturing my husband and me. Avista Utilities ordered an RF tech to do a sight survey of my home/property and REFUSED to give me the report.

    I studied energy, biology, physics, sound, light, the frequency spectrum. I followed my symptoms for the answers. We finally fled our home because our bodies vibrated, our ears rang, we had burns on our faces, rashes, bodies that ached in every joint, bizarre dreams, insomnia, waking at the exact same time each night for weeks, our eyes would just open. Electric shocks, heart rate of 120 beats per minute while laying in bed, numbness in fingers and toes, left side of brain felt like it was being sliced. Ears would feel full and inflammed within 150 feet of a cell phone. The list goes on and on until I realized I had become I became electromagnetically hyper sensitive. My husband would take no more suffering.

    I found out about smart meters and reviewed my documentation and videos. Low and behold there was a smart meter placed on my home positioned directly behind our heads were we slept. Our ears began to ring Feb 14, 2009.

    I will spend the rest of my life telling this story of corporate evil, greed, and impunity.

    Without any history in my family or my husband's family he has been diagnosed with open angle pigmentary glaucoma, the high pressure readings correspond to the placement of the smart meter. I was diagnosed with low tension open angle glaucoma with no previous indication of glaucoma from a routine 2006 ophthalmologist visit. The doctors say that I have the scariest and largest optic nerve heads. Without care we both will go blind in 10 years.

    No one will ever convince me that radiating me is safe, my life is hell and limited beyond what you could imagine.

    Dale, Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience.


    Sandi Aders

    Watch "Wounded by Wireless"

    Brave New World of Smart Meters

  2. Here is Santa Cruz, about 10% of the population get s sick from these meters as soon as they get installed in their neighborhood. Most common symptoms are insomnia and headaches, but some people get much more sever problems. People with autoimmune disorders and diseases such as lyme disease almost unanymously report health problems from the SmartMeters. There have been zero scientific studies to see why the SmartMeters are causing these symptoms, and the utility companies are not interested in considering that their SmartMeter programs may be flawed. Instead of using the cautionary principle and stopping the program until more research can be done, the utilities are plowing ahead even though thousands of people are reporting negative health impacts from the 24 hour radio pulses form these meters (they pulse every 4-10 seconds 24/7). Many people who could have cared less about SmartMeters are getting sick, so it is not just 'nut cases' who are reporting problems. You don't want these things in your neighborhoods, so stop them before they get rolling.

  3. Those of you who are skeptical, do what I did and get some instruments to measure how often and how strongly these meters emit radio-frequency radiation. I didn't believe what the utility told me, and I found there was good reason not to: they manipulate data to present it as though these things are harmless. The RF pulses are like a strobe light--very high spikes followed by nothing, spaced out all day and night. To make it look like low emissions, they time-average the two-millisecond spikes, and then add them all together, and present as some low amount of time, like 60 seconds. That's 30,000 pulses! Anyone with an HF analyzer can hear them going off all day--and read the high level of RF in each pulse.

  4. Your video of the iphone readings above 300 micro watts per centimeter squared really validates why my ear canals swell up and get those awful tones in them when exposed to those microwave phones. I have always said that the blackberries, iphones, and droids hurt me the most. Thanks for the validation!!!!

    Smart Meter Victim