Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Rx that's needed in the black community

Comedian, Bill Cosby
The "Knockout Game" is symptomatic of an even greater issue in the U.S today.  The Black community needs to "man up" and start addressing its own problems. For far too long, blacks have used whites as their scapegoats, choosing to point the finger at 'white racism' or 'racist cops' or a racial imbalance in the prisons and jails. There's a racial imbalance with many more blacks in prison and jails because they're the ones who are committing most of the crimes!

As Bill Cosby has said,
"It's NOT what the white man is doing to us, it's what we're doing to ourselves! Five or six different children, same woman, eight, ten different husbands or whatever, pretty soon you're going to have to have DNA cards so you can tell who you're making love to. You don't know who this is. It might be your grandmother. (Laughter) I'm telling you, they're young enough. Hey, you have a baby when you're twelve. Your baby turns thirteen and has a baby, how old are you? Huh? Grandmother. By the time you're twelve, you could have sex with your grandmother, you keep those numbers coming. I'm just predicting.”
When I look at the black community, I ask myself, where is the church, especially the black church? What
are you doing? Why aren't you speaking out? Why haven't we heard any 'black leaders' speaking out condemning 'the knockout game'? And again, I believe the fact that the black community has to rely on so-called, self-appointed 'black leaders' is itself part of their problem. They don't need any leaders. Each of them needs to start taking responsibility for what is going on in their own households, in their own community, in their schools.

As Bill Cosby has already stated, they've got the wrong priorities and the wrong values. Instead of buying their kid a $200. pair of basketball speakers, they need to be investing in Hooked on Phonics so their kid can read and speak English.

Many in the black community profess a strong faith in Christ but sadly, their faith never seems to make it out of the church sanctuary and into their homes, community, or at the ballot box. Black Christians don't vote for righteousness, they vote on the basis of skin color. Why else would 96% blacks have voted for Obama?

It's time for blacks to stop playing the "race card" and the "victim card" and take responsibility for their own failures as a people. They need stop allowing liberal educators in their schools brainwash them with a "victim mentality". Instead of attacking Bill Cosby and vilifying the messenger, you need to listen to the message that is coming from one who knows you and is speaking the truth.

Instead of marching for justice, or for more food stamps, try marching to the public schools and declaring you're not going to stand for a 60% drop-out rate any longer. You're not going to put up with the fact that you son or daughter can't read or write or even speak English. Start taking back your schools and your community from black gangs and thugs who happen to be your sons and daughters. Start parenting your own children instead of relying on the schools or television to do it.

Instead of marching to end racial profiling, black parents need to spend
more time at home teaching their kids some moral values so the police
don't have to stop and 'frisk' them. 
Society at large needs to take serious action against those who perpetrate violence of any kind, especially in the form of the "knockout game" which is no game, but deadly attacks on innocent people. Punching out some elderly person's lights isn't wrong because its illegal, it's illegal because its WRONG! If we as a society feel no moral revulsion at gangs of black youths pulverizing fellow citizens, then we as a society have lost our moral bearings. As Chuck Colson pronounced 20 yrs ago, we have become the "new barbarians"!

My final thought is that we need to pray for our nation, pray for the black community. We need to pray that the black community will look in the mirror and start taking responsibility for what is going on right under their nose and no longer looking for someone else to blame.

It's time to for blacks to take their faith in God and His
righteousness outside the church sanctuary and into
their homes, community as well as the ballot box. 
At the same time, we all need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves "to what extent am I part of the problem?" What am I doing to turn the tide, or am I just going along to get along? Do I ever speak out? Do I ever correct someone for wrong thinking which comes from believing a lie? Maybe I should be looking for a black child or teen to mentor or tutor, teaching him or her how to read and write. Maybe our churches need to be supporting the Big Brothers and Big Sisters' program. Instead of soup kitchens, we might better spend our time mentoring a young black child and giving him some values and purpose for his life.

We need to stop the political correctness which is de-humanizing us because it provides cover for these hoodlums and their acts of violence. We are so afraid of being called-out as "racists" that we've allowed ourselves to be silenced. Maybe we need to pray for boldness to stand up to the lies of political-correctness and to speak the truth in love to those around us. I'm sure that as you and I pray, God will speak and show us what He'd have us to do and how to do it.


  1. You know its not only black people who have this problem....

    Please don't comment back you only said this because your black because I'm asian.

    1. Mikayla,
      What problem are you talking about? Whites killing whites or Asians killing Asians? I don't think so. There is NO epidemic in the white or Asian community where they are killing one another like what we see in Chicago with 26 blacks murdered in one weekend--by other blacks.

      What problem are you talking about? The "Knockout Game"--yes that's REAL big in white, Asian, Indian, and Hispanic communities. How many stories have you read about where Hispanics are targeting whites and attacking them? How many stories about Asian youth jumping and beating up whites?

      Now I might agree with you on the part about the need to do a better job of parenting our children. That's across the board, although it does seem that Asian families seem to demand a higher standard from their youth than other cultures.

      Finally, Mikayla, you still didn't address the comments by Bill Cosby who has been attacked and demonized by the black community because they don't want to accept responsibility and will shoot the messenger who tries to give them a "wake-up" call, even if its Bill Cosby. He's tired of blacks always wanting to play the "race card" instead of looking in the mirror and cleaning up their own mess.

  2. Unfortunately, stories like the girl being tortured by the brothers don't get press because the media is not concerned about justice, but in inflaming certain people to create more mayhem.

    It's also unfortunate that you've chosen to judge an entire community by the actions of those with qyestionable morals. That would be like judging the white community by the actions of school shooters, those who've assasinated or attempted to assasinate public figures or bombed a federal building and the Boston Marathon, or by serial killers, the majority of which are black.

    For every black kid that belongs to a gang, there a lot more that belong to a church and are active participants. I know this because I live in the black community and see black families and kids every day, working, going to school, doing the same things other families and other children do. Of course, there are children and adults that commit crimes or live immoral lives. But I saw the same thing when I've lived in white neighborhoods. But unlike blacks, whites are not judged by the worst people in their community.

    As for blacks voting only for blacks, there's only been one black President, so black people who voted in the past obviously vote for white candidates and so did whites.

    1. I'm not judging the black community any more than Bill Cosby, who has been demonized and ridiculed by many blacks because they don't want to look in the mirror and clean up their OWN house.

      I agree with you that there are many black youth who are in church rather than in gangs, but there is an EPIDEMIC of black-on-black violence in the black community where you can have 26 blacks killed in Chicago alone in just one weekend, and we're talking about one of the heaviest gun-control cities in America (a lot of good gun-control is doing for the black community in the Windy City). Many God-fearing, decent black families who live on the south side of Chicago are living in fear, not of the white man, or the white police, but because of other black youth.

      The black community needs to address the lyrics in rap music which often glorify and justify the sex-ploitation and violence against women and actually holds blacks back by glorifying anti-social behavior.

      Finally, the majority of blacks voted for Obama in 2008 (97%), and about 95% voted for him again in 2012. For me, that means that most blacks only vote "skin color" and don't even think about what the person stands for, his ideology, etc. As long as blacks continue to vote "skin color", they will continue to live on the liberal, socialist plantation and their slave masters will be the Democrat Party.

      BTW, I'm hoping that Dr. Ben Carson runs for president in 2016. He'll have my vote. He's believes in taking responsibility for one's own actions. He is not an "affirmative action" baby--but achieved everything through his intelligence and hard work. He is the kind of man who can lead ALL Americans and hopefully bring us back together as ONE nation. However, Nappy, watch how the Democrat Party and certain so-called "black leaders" demonize Dr. Ben Carson as an "Uncle Tom" when he has MORE intelligence, character and real achievements than any of his critics, be they black or white.