Friday, May 24, 2013

Obama declares: "all wars must end...." but doesn't say when? Duh??

Here I am on vacation at Ft. Morgan Beach (a narrow peninsula) on the Gulf, and even though I’ve scanned the Wall Street Journal daily, I've tried to abstain from posting this week. This was supposed to be a get away from the daily grind. 
The view from our front deck. Ft. Morgan beach, Gulf Shores, Alabama
For the most part, I’ve succeed with time in the water, sitting on the beach reading my Nook, eating loads of shrimp while enjoying my own personal air show courtesy of the Navy’s Blue Angels. On their daily flyovers from Pensacola, FL., they engage in incredible maneuvers, heading straight up into the clouds then descending like a bullet to within a few hundred feet from the ocean, followed up by flying upside down with an afterburner trail of smoke. These guys are amazing! Even the Navy for all its political-correctness has not yet succeeded in emasculating the Blue Angels and our Top Gun pilots.
F-18 flyover upside down

Unfortunately, my vacation was interrupted last night by news that President Obama was “resetting the war on terror.” Duh?? What’s that mean??

What grabbed my attention was his babbling statement: 'This War, Like All Wars, Must End'." What tripe! This is RICH, coming from the very man who has been so busy demonizing fat cat bankers, millionaires and billionaires when he should have been targeting Islamic terrorists. Instead for the past five years, Obama’s target has been successful Americans.

"all wars must end..." Well bozo, this one isn't over, as illustrated by the killings of military, more than 10, the same day of his babbling. The idea that Obama will cozy up to the Muslims by closing Guantanamo and sending a hundred or so back to Yemen (so they can fight again) is crazy because at no time in history has a nation released its prisoners until a war came to an end and a treaty was signed.

From my knowledge of history, a war NEVER truly comes to an end until one side (your enemy) is defeated. In other words, WWII did NOT come to an end until Germany and Japan were defeated.

Where would we be today if Germany and Japan had not been conquered and brought to their knees? This is why it’s so foolish to expect a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians to really work. It's not worth the paper it's written on. No peace treaty will succeed until one of them is defeated and humbly brought to the table to sign a treaty as a defeated foe (and that would be the Palestinians). On a similar note, Jesus does not come back to earth to reign and rule until the great Battle of Armageddon where all the nations that attempt to destroy Israel are defeated. He also does not create a new heaven and a new earth until Satan is defeated and sent packing to the Lake of Fire (Rev. 20). 

I have a news flash for Pres. Obama—Al Qaeda is growing and expanding its outreach worldwide, including Al-Shabaab in Somalia, Sudan, Kenya as well as Boko Haram and Ansaru in northern Nigeria who have received training from Al Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is making inroads in Latin America in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. We also have the fast-growing Jemaah Islamiyah terror group in Indonesia.  

According to Obama and the Left,
 Rush is America's greatest threat
The war on radical Islam (and re-read my past posts—most of Islam IS RADICAL) will not be won until it is defeated. Unfortunately, we currently have a president who won’t even use the term “Islamic terrorist.” He is still fighting a battle against America’s greatest enemy: Rich, successful, white, conservative Christians. Oh and the other big enemy (worse than any Islam terrorist) is one that Obama would target with a drone strike if he thought he could get away with it. That enemy? Rush Limbaugh.

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