Thursday, May 2, 2013

Islam's Trojan Horse--the "All-American Muslim" .

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Now on to more important matters...

Islam and Sharia law are making inroads here in the United States. You might wonder how this is happening? It's sometimes referred to as "stealth jihad" or the "Trojan Horse" effect.

Most Muslims believe that they are obliged to confront and subdue non-Muslims (insert your name here) until every nation adopts sharia. Radical Islamists want to impose Sharia law by the edge of the sword or through terrorist acts, while non-violent Islamists want to patiently follow a sophisticated strategy of imposing sharia law through a society's institutions.

For the past several decades, there has been an effort underway to infiltrate and dominate American institutions. Many of our most prestigious schools like Cornell, Harvard, Georgetown, etc. are recipients of Arab money to set up special programs and chairs and to fund new professors. This money also serves to silence the university on matters of the Middle East. You will find very little criticism of Islam or Arab states coming from these schools that receive Arab dollars. However, it's very fashionable to criticize Israel and of course, your Arab sponsors encourage it and may even write you a bonus contribution check. Muslims have pledged to conquer America. They have launched a stealth jihad right under our nose.

4  Christian missionaries arrested at Dearborn's Arab Festival
Islamists have a knack for finding the weak links in our society and exploiting them to their advantage. The city of Dearborn, Michigan is the heaviest concentration of Muslim immigrants in the U.S. I've been there and  it looks like a Middle Eastern city with 32 mosques in Dearborn alone! I visited one of them during prayers on a Friday afternoon.

Last June, four Christian missionaries were arrested by uniformed police outside an Arab Festival. They were accused of disturbing the peace. Their crime? They were handing out copies of St. John's Gospel on a public street. One of the missionaries managed to videotape the goings-on, at least, until his camera was seized. Plainly, they were not engaged in a form of incitement or public commotion--not in the United States. What these four missionaries were violating was sharia law--specifically, its prohibition against preaching other religions, other than Islam. And the Dearborn police, paid for by taxes of all the people, were the willing accomplices who helped enforce Shariah law rather than the constitutional right to free assembly and freedom of religion.

One of Dearborn's 32 mosques
Islam is using our own democracy to destroy us. That's where the Trojan Horse analogy comes into play. When I visited the Arab-American Festival in Dearborn, Michigan along with several Christian friends, I saw several booths set-up to register Muslims in the Democrat Party. Republicans need not bother--they are NOT welcome in Dearborn. The Democrat Party is the home of Islam and stealth jihad. They know that by becoming politically active here in the U.S., they can affect public policy and institute Sharia law into our courts, schools, public institutions including our local police departments, as is the case in Dearborn.

Recently, a judge was petitioned by Muslim prison inmates for the right to congregate as a group to pray 5 times a day to Allah. Even though this poses a great security risk and all kinds of logistical problems for the prison, the judge, wanting to be tolerant of Islam, granted their request. But, here's the rub-there is NOTHING in Islam that says you have to pray together as a group. You can pray to Allah 5 times a day in your cell by yourself.

Here in the West, our experts and elitists are so desperate to believe that there is no such thing as an Islamic threat, they won't even use the word, "Islamic terrorist." You can't say that term if you are in the Obama administration, or the Associated Press, or NBC (politically-correct Comcast), USA Today, etc.

One of the goals of Islam's Trojan Horse strategy is to establish autonomous Muslim enclaves, parallel societies that are adherent to sharia law. This is exactly what has happened in Dearborn, Michigan. This enclave strategy has been implemented to great effect in Europe. Muslims are now capitalizing on their growth and strength in Europe to push for the adoption of shariah law. In England, any criticism of Islam can be deemed "hate speech." Britons are now being banned from swimming at a popular sports club in London during "Muslim men only" sessions.

Canada has voted to repeal its traditional embrace of Judeo-Christian religious tribunals for the voluntary settling of family law matters. This was done to appease the Muslims in their country. It counted for nothing that Judaism and Christianity, the dominant religious traditions of North America, promote harmony and tolerance within the Canadian society. It counts for nothing when the enclave strategy is fueling an agressive promotion of sharia law.
Terrorist-killer, Maj. Nidal Hassan, Ft. Hood massacre, Nov. 5, 2009
By the end of 1992, after a contentious meeting of over 40 Muslim Brotherhood leaders at a Days Inn on the Georgia-Tennessee border, and decision was made to create a new entity that would not call itself the Muslim Brotherhood, but would instead call itself the "Muslim American Society."

MAS members would be instructed to dodge all questions about their Brotherhood ties by saying that they were "independent" and that of course, they were "opposed to terrorism" while at the same time pointing out that "jihad" was one of each Muslim's "divine legal rights" to be used both in self-defense and for the spread of Islam. They were told to obscure their tenets from outsiders, so that Americans could not know that they believed that America, religion and politics could not be separated and that all three had to come under the umbrella of sharia law.

They would remain guarded about their ultimate goal, the transformation of the United States into an Islamic country under Islamic law. They would keep their plan for achieving that goal under wraps. The goal: to use the democratic process to elect likeminded Muslims to political office and to seed likeminded Muslims through the U.S. government bureaucracies, while ever more Americans were being converted to Islam, and more and more American muslims were being born.

So far, they're accomplishing all their goals under the radar, while most Americans are asleep and our watchful media and press give Islam a free pass every time? Why? Next time: Islam and the Revolutionary Left---Strange Bedfellows!

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