Sunday, May 12, 2013

Corruption in the IRS? Say it isn't so.

Corruption in the IRS? Say it isn't so. Who would've thought that people who work for the government would show an intolerance toward those who want to eradicate their careers. The IRS has always been a blood=sucking leech on society. What would we do without big government programs to redistribute our money to their friends? This is the same IRS that is hiring 13000 new agents to ENFORCE Obamacare (with emphasis on "enforce").

The IRS denies having conducted a partisan witch-hunt against tea-party groups in the run-up to the 2012 election, arguing that its improper targeting of conservative groups was the result of a series of procedural errors rather than a political attack with malice forethought.

But the IRS is keeping the relevant evidence secret, so you will just have to take the agency’s word for it. Lois Lerner, the IRS official in charge of handling tax-exempt organizations, made what appeared to be an impromptu confession Friday during a tax conference hosted by the American Bar Association, saying that groups with the words “tea party” or “patriot” in their names were improperly targeted for additional levels of tax-status review by the agency. Those actions, she said, were “wrong” and “inappropriate,” but she denied that they were the result of political bias against tea-party groups.

When asked how the IRS determined that the actions were not the result of political bias, Ms. Lerner could only say, “That is not how we do things.

Does Ms. Lerner really expect us to believe that these low-level grunts at the Cincinnati IRS decided on their own with no orders from above to target conservative groups? 
" The IRS also stresses that our employees—all career civil servants—will continue to be guided by tax law and not partisan issues."
The funny thing is that the IRS thinks this is a comforting statement. Methinks the "career civil servants" need to be fired. While we're at it, fire the person they reported to. It's high time to name names. 

Apologies? Sorry, but we need more than weak, half-hearted apologies. Please provide the list of those fired from the IRS and confirm that their pensions have been forfeited. Every IRS employee knows what is permitted and what is not. These are serious crimes. Who in the Cincinnati office targeted these groups. Give us the names and stop your efforts to paper over the IRS' criminal behavior.

The Wall Street Journal concludes their editorial on Saturday with this sober reminder: 
Other than the power to prosecute, the taxing authority is the most awesome power the government has. It can ruin people and companies. When wielded for political purposes, it is a violation of the basic contract the American people have with their government. The abuse admitted by Ms. Lerner can't be dismissed in a casual apology on a casual Friday as no big deal. It's a very big and bad deal.

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