Sunday, May 27, 2012

Romney's record at Bain Capital vs. Obama's record

The latest attack on Mitt Romney is his record at Bain Capital. Obama has labelled it "vulture capitalism." The DNC (Democratic National Committee) has launched a couple of ads attacking Bain Capital. Lanny Davis, a lawyer, Democratic consultant, and spokesperson for President Clinton said this about the ads attacking Bain Capital:
"There was a problem with the ad that I saw.  It was misleading because it omitted a number of important facts that the viewer should see.  Romney wasn't even there when that plant went down.  That plant was about to go bankrupt before Bain bought it, brought it back, and in fact created jobs, and then it went under, as the head of the union said, because of foreign imports.  So the ad is misleading because it omitted those facts, apart from the fact the person at Bain is currently an Obama bundler when that company went bankrupt.  It's not a good idea to mislead people."
Over 9 years Mitt Romney had 14 major successes, and 18 minor successes, in many different types of companies in the U.S. 
These successes include:
·         Blooming Brands (Outback Steakhouse)
·         Carrabba’s Italian Grill;
·         Bonefish Grill; . 
·         Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar
·         Del Monte Foods
·         Guinness
·         Staples, Inc. (taking it from one store to 2000)
·         Isotoner Gloves
·         Sealy Mattresses
·         Alliance Laundry Systems
·         Domino’s Pizza
·         Artisan Entertainment
·         Accuride
·         Sports Authority
·         Dade Behring (Diagnostic Medical Equipment)
·         AMC Entertainment
·         Brookstone
·         Burlington Coat Factory
·         Clear Channel Communications (Largest radio chain in U.S.)
·         Dunkin Donuts
·         Guitar Center
·         Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
·         Toys “R” Us
·         Warner Music Group
·         Weather Channel

During Obama's past 3.5 yrs in office, his business successes include:

(I searched and searched and there aren't any. Everything Obama touches fails. More on this in the next post).

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