Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last week, we learned that young Mitt Romney was a homophobic bully...

Stop the presses! I'm sure by now you've read that Mitt Romney was a homophobic bully in high school. Last week, the Washington Post devoted 3 pages to an expose telling us that the teenage Mittster and friends ganged up on another presumed homosexual kid at his prestigious prep school. Mitt and his friends allegedly held the student down while shearing off his locks of blond hair.

However, one friend quoted in the article referred to this story as a "vicious hack job." Maxwell goes on to say, "I'm a Democrat, so I won't vote for him, but he'd probably make a pretty good president. He's very smart, very principled."

The family of the young man who was allegedly attacked by Mitt Romney has released a statement that the news story is factually INCORRECT and that their brother, John (now deceased) is being used for a political agenda. Hmmm....whose agenda would that be?

Romney has apologized even though he doesn't remember this incident and maybe for good reason. It may never have ever happened.

But, in the spirit of bi-partisanship and while the Washington Post is fired up and in the mood for investigative journalism, here are some questions which I would like to have the Washington Post or any other journalists research and provide us with some answers. Who knows, it may even make the evening news. 
  • Why are Obama's college records at Columbia University SEALED?
  • Why are Obama's college records at Occidental College SEALED?
  • Why are Obama's college records at Harvard University SEALED?
  • Why are Obama's selective service records SEALED?
  • Why are Obama's medical records SEALED?
  • Why is Obama's Illinois state senate schedule SEALED?
  • Why are Obama's Illinois state senate records SEALED?
  • Why is Obama's law practice client list SEALED?
  • Why is Obama's birth certificate SEALED?
  • How did Obama qualify for foreign study aid as a college student?
  • Why is Obama's baptismal record SEALED?
  • Why doesn't the press ever dig up someone who knew Obama in high school and college?
  • Why doesn't the press interview former students of Obama?
Why do we know so much about Mitt Romney already and know so little about President Obama? Why is his life a CLOSED BOOK?? 

Just wondering?

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