Monday, January 21, 2013

Do Pres. Obama and the Left really believe in the 2nd Amendment?

Sen.. Marco Rubio
It's a rarity when a politician will actually tell the truth, and that moment of unvarnished candor came a few days ago when Senator Marco Rubio was interviewed on Bill O'Reilly's Spin Factor. Marco Rubio said that President Obama "doesn't have the guts to admit that he doesn't believe in the 2nd Amendment. What we never get from the Left is an honest debate."

Here was a moment of truth-telling such as we seldom hear.The Left will tell you they believe in the 2nd Amendment, but that if they can, they would find a way to confiscate all guns.The Left will never honestly state their positions because they know that they are so unpopular with the American public.

James Holmes, Aurora, CO.
shooter at movie theater.
Rubio went on to say, "....It was this horrible terrible tragedy in Connecticut, which by the way, all of us were outraged by, all of us were sad about, and all of us would want to never see that happen again. And by the admission of the White House, what they proposed would do nothing to have prevented what happened in Connecticut, or Colorado before that, or any of those other places where this occurred. The issue America faces is not guns; it's violence. I think the fundamental question is, 'What is happening in our culture and in our society that's leading to people committing these atrocities, whether it's mental illness or some other violent propensities that have come into our culture and into our society."
Jared Lee Loughner

If the problem is mental illness, what can we do to stop it? What obstacles are in the way of dealing with the mentally ill? The mentally ill have been given rights which protect them from us, but don't protect us from then. We can't protect them from themselves.

D.J. Jaffe of Mental Illness Policy Org. states  that the Federal Government could make a real difference by stopping the closure of public hospital psychiatric beds and making it easier to compel treatment. Our current standard requires violence in order to get care to someone who is too irrational to realize that he needs it.

Nothing in President Obama's proposals addresses the issue of mental illness and how to get them into treatment facilities, even long-term care so they do not pose a danger to themselves, their family members, or the rest of society.

Marco Rubio told Bill O'Reilly, "He (Obama) sees this as an opportunity to get some of these things done that he's wanted to do his entire political career. He's going to utilize every rhetorical device to get to that point. I actually think the President doesn't have the guts to admit it, that he is not a believer in the 2nd Amendment."

All Obama & Co. have given us are failed policies and failed laws regarding the mentally ill. Going after law-abiding gun-owners does not address the problem and instead, attacks the Constitution, freedom and liberty.

We don't know if Adam Lanza (the Newtown shooter) was mentally ill, or if a better system would've helped him. But we do know that somewhere there is another young male who is angry and violent, showing signs of mental illness and looking for the opportunity to get the world's attention  and his 15-minutes of fame from the news media through another mass shooting. We don't know what the venue will be, whether it's a shopping mall, a school, a movie theater, but it will happen. It's only a matter of time.

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