Sunday, December 9, 2012

We're having a Moral Meltdown...Send in the cavalry!

If I said that we here in America were having a moral meltdown, I doubt that few of you would take me to task on that. I think the central message coming out of the election is that we are no longer the America that our Founders envisioned.

Young people are taught in public schools, at major universities, on television and in movies, that every life choice is acceptable and every tenet is open to interpretation. In politics, some proclaim that it's right to oppose the successful and envy the rich to the point where they must be denigrated and penalized for their success with higher taxes. No one has to be personally responsible for his or her actions. What? You don't have any education; you don't know anything? You have ZERO motivation and no life plan? No problem. The government will take care of you.  
My definition of moral meltdown:  
"It's a slow, creeping, incessant slide toward mediocrity by way of moral relativism where nothing objective is nailed down, where there is no everlasting, unchanging standard (The Ten Commandments). The meltdown is seen in historical revisionism (re-writing the history to fit our own narrative and political agenda), as well as the politically-correct fear of offending anyone, anywhere, at any time. 
In the midst of all this, where are the prophets of our generation? Where is the lone prophet crying out in the wilderness, going against the grain, facing ridicule and rejection for their message? There aren't many prophets on the national scene who are warning us and calling us to repent. As I write this, two names come to mind: 
Glenn Beck
  • Glenn Beck. Whenever I listen to him, he is like an Old Testament prophet warning us and calling us to prepare for coming judgment. He's ridiculed, mocked by the media, considered a fool by many. He cries on camera and he's constantly asking us to make changes to the way we are living. If you don't like Glenn Beck, it may be because of his message. That's ok cause they didn't like Jeremiah or John the Baptist.
  • Franklin Graham. Here's a guy who is totally unlike his father, Billy Graham (a man for who I profound respect, and the one who brought me face-to-face with Jesus at his L.A.Coliseum Crusade). Franklin is condemned by the media and even by some evangelical leaders who want to keep a safe distance from Franklin lest they lose the respect of CNN or the NY Times or USA Today. Franklin gets into hot water for speaking the truth constantly. He tells us that Islam is a religion of hatred that wants to either convert us or kill us. That's not politically-correct, but then neither is Franklin. He speaks before he thinks, but that's alright because what he says is usually the unfiltered, unvarnished truth which no one else is saying, or they're too afraid to say, or too politically-correct! Thank the Lord for men like Franklin Graham. So often he is a lone voice crying in the wilderness.
Franklin Graham
Are there any other prophets? Who would you consider to be a prophet to our generation in this hour? Let me and everyone else know. Do you believe that we are living in the midst of a "moral meltdown"? 

In my next post (on Tuesday), some solemn words from another prophet to our generation who addressed Congress with some really strong words...stay tuned. On Friday, I will end this series with a prayer based on Daniel's prayer in Daniel 9. 

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