Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here are the questions that the media is NOT asking about the Newtown shooting?

This is PROFOUND....more WISDOM in this paragraph than anything you'll read or hear discussed today regarding Newtown or on....

Michelle Malkin writes today:
"Human conceit throughout human history, of course, seems to pretend that we can prevent the sometimes unpreventable. And when you take that impulse that you need to do something and you turn it into a political football, what you get is more harm than good. This impulse to agitate and legislate and regulate when the history shows and the reality of this particular situation shows that all of the gun control legislation in the world wouldn't have stopped this mad man. Connecticut already has an Assault Weapons Ban. And we need politicians for once, to just stop, shut up and think before they act recklessly again. Please?" 

Some of my thoughts and questions which you won't hear posed on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, USA Today, or NPR who are so biased on this subject that if you are opposed to new gun legislation, you must be a neanderthal, or a right-wing extremist who cares more about guns than about our children. Here's what I want to know:
Sen. Chuck Schumer
James Holmes, Aurora, CO.

  • How are the gun-free school zones working? Does that mean that someone like Adam Lanza would not perpetrate his massacre if he saw a sign informing him that this was a "gun-free zone?" We have drug-free zones at schools? How's that working out? No more drug problem, right?
  • The usual suspects--the gun-control advocates who are now pushing the ban on all assault weapons (btw, what is an assault weapon? Every weapon is an assault weapon.) In the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE, someone needs to ask people like Sen. Chuck Schumer who has recently put forth new gun-control legislation why he feels it necessary to carry a concealed weapon? Why does Sen. Schumer feel the need for armed guards to protect him? Why doesn't he just rely on 911 like he wants the rest of us to do? Why is it OK for him to carry a weapon and not you or me?
  • Likewise, Pres. Obama who has now entered this debate and is now pushing for gun-control legislation, why doesn't he give up his armed secret service guards? If he is in danger, just call 911 like the rest of us? Even as President of the U.S., he should set the example. 
  • Why has the media jumped on the gun-control bandwagon while totally ignoring the real issue of mental illness which is responsible for most of our recent shootings, including Columbine, Gabby Gifford's Tucson shooting by crazed Jared Loughner, the Virginia Tech shooting, and the Aurora, Colorado shooting--all were done by individuals who had a history of mental illness. This is the most obvious place to start as far as preventing future tragedies, but it's also politically-correct. 
  • We have many dangerous people wandering our streets and neighborhoods who need to be permanently hospitalized in mental hospitals. But the Democrats did away with all the mental hospitals in the early 1980s, thank-you!! We have even given the mentally-ill their own "bill of rights" which means they can shoot everyone in an auditorium and still be given a free pass of impunity because they are mentally-ill and don't know any better. Duh?
This sign should've been displayed at the Aurora Cinemark
Theater because they proudly announced after the massacre
that their theater complex was a gun-free zone. 
Why do we refuse to look at countries like Israel where teachers can carry guns, and where there are no reported school shootings? 

Why do we refuse to acknowledge that there are basically evil people who will do evil things whether you have laws on the books or not? No laws would have stopped Adam Lanza from committing the horrific crime last Friday. No gun-free zone would've stopped him. But, if one of the teachers had been carrying a concealed gun, or had one locked in her desk drawer, she could've stopped him, and saved the lives of many of those children.

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