Monday, October 8, 2012

Why Obama will lose the next debate.

There's been a lot of post-debate analysis as to why Obama lost his first debate against Romney. Al Gore blamed it on the altitude-that figures. The media was apoplectic and should have been placed on suicide watch because their esteemed leader, the annointed one they've propped up for the past four years, failed miserably. In effect, it's as though he didn't want to be there. He should've stayed home. Romney could have done just as well debating an empty chair.

But here is the real reason for Obama's lackluster performance: He's lazy--that L-A-Z-Y!! In a 2011 interview with Barbara Walters, he admitted to being lazy and blamed it on having grown up in Hawaii. In other words, if you're Hawaiian, you're probably lazy (according to President Obama). 

Here's my assessment: Obama has never had to work hard for anything. He's been handed everything. He is our first affirmative action president. He never had a menial job like working at McDonald's. He never even had a paper route (I can just imagine him delivering the morning paper at 4pm in the afternoon). 

Barry is used to being treated as "special" and being given every break in the book. My wife said, "Dale, he must have worked hard to pass the bar exam. You don't just become a lawyer without some hard work and passing the bar exam." My response to that: How do you know? His transcripts are sealed. All this brouhaha over Romney's tax records and we still haven't seen Obama's transcripts. Everything about his past life is "closed." Why is that? What's he hiding? We don't know if he even passed the bar exam because we can't even see his high school or college records. I really believe that he was most likely an average student, probably deserving mostly "C's" but most of his teachers and professors bumped those "C's" up to "B's or even A's." 

Obama is a "know-it-all" and he's even admitted to others that he knows more about policy than any of his staff. You can't tell him anything. He doesn't care to study hard, even for something like a debate. He doesn't even attend intelligence briefings because he figures he probably knows what he's going to be told before they even hold the briefing. He is all-knowing, and for that reason, he spent very little time in preparation for last week's debate. Obama figured that he already knew Romney's position on everything. In reality, all that Barry knew were the fabricated lies and distortions that he and his party had spun regarding Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney showed up with facts, figures and the truth. Mitt Romney looked presidential; Obama look small and trivial. 

I'm not alone in my assessment of Obama's laziness as a major factor in his dismal performance. Last Thursday, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu appeared on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell (who's in the tank for Obama). She asked Sununu for his impression of Mitt Romney's performance at the previous night's debate. The conversation heated up quickly whcn Sununu opted instead to critique President Obama's performance, calling him "lazy" and "disengaged." 

Andrea Mitchell was taken aback by the criticism of her beloved President whom she has spent four years trying to "prop up" with her own brand of media bias. This seasoned journalist who is objective and non-partisan, immediately went on the defensive for Obama and asked Gov. Sununu if he wanted to apologize for that remark, but Sununu would not take the bait.

I'm sure Ms. Mitchell was shocked at this "hate-speech" coming from Sununu. Andrea Mitchell gasped and tried to give Sununu one more chance to atone for his hateful comments: "Governor, I want to give you a chance to maybe take it back. Did you really mean to call Barack Obama, the President of the United States, lazy?"

"Yes," Sununu replied without hesitation. "He didn't want to prepare for the debate. He's lazy and disengaged." (Do you think that Andrea Mitchell would've have been as concerned if these words had been said about Pres. Bush? Can you imagine her giving the attacker the opportunity to "take it back"--to apologize? I can't.)

Here's my prediction for the next presidential debate on Oct. 16:

At Hofstra University on Oct. 16, once again, Romney will prevail. Even though Obama and his team are insisting that he's going to bring his "A-Game:--it won't happen. Even though Obama is assuring his adoring crowds that it's going to be a street fight, don't bet on it. Barry is lost without his teleprompter and speech writers. He's a narcissist. He can't take in any new information, hence, he won't really study or prepare for the debate. Once again, Barry will fall back on the misinformation and fabricated lies about Romney that he's been spewing for the six months, and once again, he will be met with the facts and truth by a man who has truly accomplished something in his life. 

Obama has had almost four years in the oval office but he can't really talk about any of it because it's been a complete waste and total failure. He has no record to run on. Really, all Romney has to do at the next Town Hall meeting is ask the audience, "What has Obama done for you over the last four years? Is your future more secure? Is your home worth more? Has your retirement income grown substantially? Have your kids found good jobs or are they still living at home with you? Has your household income increased or decreased? Do you have more disposable income or is it being eaten away by the high cost of gasoline which has doubled under this President? "

At the next debate, once again, Obama will look small and trivial and Romney will look presidential. 

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