Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hillary's Conflict Resolution 101 in the Middle East Is a Waste of Time

This morning as I was at the gym exercising, I'm thinking about the ceasefire agreement that was "hammered" out by Hillary Clinton, Egypt, Hamas & Israel. Does this really mean that we're going to see peace in the Middle East? Don't bet on it. Any peace agreement brokered by Hillary and Mohammed Morsi of Egypt isn't worth the paper it's written on. 

Personally, I would've thought the great arbiter of peace and Nobel prize winner, Barack Obama, would put some skin in the game, show up and get both sides to stop this warfare. But instead, he sends a woman out to do a man's job--Hillary Clinton. 

For Hillary, this is a win-win, because this is nothing more than a "dog and pony show" designed to give the illusion of having secured a "peaceful" settlement to this conflict. Even if it's artificial, fragile and lasts for only a few days, she gets a pass on the whole Benghazi-gate thing where Congress has a series of questions to ask her, for which she hasn't given any straight answers. 

7 yrs ago, Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip, hoping for Peace
For the record, seven years ago, in full view of the world, Israel pulled out of Gaza, dismantling every settlement and withdrawing every soldier. I was there in 2005 shortly after Israel's handover of the Gaza Strip and friends of mine in Israel said it was a waste of time--that it would not bring peace, and they were right. 

What did occur was that Hamas built up strength in the Gaza strip and they have been building up an arsenal of missiles which they get from Iran. This cease-fire does nothing but give them more time to prepare for another assault on Israel. 
Bus-bombing in Tel Aviv
Even today, as I arrived home from the gym and checked the news, here's the latest headline in USA Today:  
11:23AM EST November 24. 2012 - TEL AVIV — A bus bombing in this seaside city Wednesday appears to be strengthening the Israeli public's support for a ground offensive in Gaza.
A cease-fire deal between Israel and Hamas went into effect later Wednesday, but many Israelis say they don't believe it will provide a long-term solution to the rain of rockets into their territory or to renewed acts of terrorism.
"We know that the situation is bad," said Tel Aviv resident Daniel Ramzi, 25, referring to the 8-day-old escalation of hostilities with Gaza. "There's no end. After what happened today, I think that most Israelis think now that we should go in," he said, referring to a possible ground offensive in Gaza.
A Peace Treaty Only Brings Peace When One Side Is Defeated in War
This latest cease-fire agreement with Hamas was a mistake. Israel needs to go in with a ground offensive and wipe Hamas out-completely. They need to defeat Hamas and re-take the Gaza Strip. 
Gen. Douglas MacArthur accepting the Japanese
surrender in Tokyo Bay, Sept. 2, 1945.
Here's a bit of wisdom that I learned from listening to Rush Limbaugh years ago--you can't have peace until your enemy is defeated. You can't sign a peace agreement that is worth anything until one side has been defeated, surrenders and comes to the table willing to sign a meaningful treaty.

Where Would We Be Today If We Had Signed a Peace Agreement with Germany without Defeating Them?
Where would we be today if we had signed a peace agreement with the Germans without defeating them? We'd probably be living under the Nazi Swastika flag. Or, what would life be like for us if we had signed a peace treaty with Japan without having defeated them? Do you really think that Japan would have stopped all its aggression? The ONLY way we came out of WWII with any peace and hope for the future was because Japan and Germany had both been defeated! 
Every peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians is a waste of time until the Palestinians are totally defeated, and give up their thirst to drive Israel into the Mediterranean Sea. Even now, Hamas still believes that Israel shouldn't exist and they are planning their next offensive on Israel.
The next time, and it will arrive in a few days or weeks, Israel needs to go in on a ground offensive and completely destroy Hamas and it's leaders, as well as all their weapons, drive the Palestinians out of Gaza Strip, retaking control of this territory and buffer between Israel and Egypt. Then, Israel might be able to sign a peace agreement with Hamas which would really have some meaning and lasting value.

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