Thursday, November 1, 2012

My thoughts on the long gas lines & the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy...

Besides offering up prayers for those who were severely affected by Sandy, here are some of my observations....

President Obama meeting with Chris Christie
President Obama appeared with Gov. Chris Christie who was effusive in his praise of Obama to the point of saying that the presidential election didn't even matter. But what got my attention were the comments made by the drive-by media concerning Obama's appearance. "He looks so presidential." That was what you heard on every network and cable news outlet, "Obama looks so presidential!" Well, if being alongside Chris Christie and spending an hour or so surveying the storm damage makes him look presidential, what did he look like on Monday or Tuesday of this week? Or last week? Last month? Did Obama look Presidential when he appeared on David Letterman or MTV, or with Jay-Z?

President Obama has declared that EPA regulations and clean-air regulations will be waived so that gas supplies can be expedited to the storm ravaged areas (See "Rules Bent As Gasoline Hard To Get After Sandy"). By doing this, Obama is basically acknowledging that these regulations add to the cost of gasoline and hamper its production and delivery and are not as necessary as we are led to believe. There are long gas lines with people waiting in line for 6-hrs. Gasoline is a precious commodity with many gas stations closed and "no gas" signs displayed everywhere. So here's my question for President Obama: 
Why aren't you mandating and streamlining every effort so that clean-energy can be produced and made available to everyone in this disaster area? Why aren't you doing everything you can to hasten the production of wind and solar energy for this ravaged region? If they can't get gasoline which is produced by the dirty oil industry, why not use this crisis as an opportunity to help everyone in the affected area to get some clean energy--maybe solar or wind energy.
Long gas lines in NJ--pix taken on Thursday, Nov. 1
I'm sure most of you reading this would much rather have clean energy made available to you so you don't have to wait in long lines for that "dirty" energy called gasoline, which by the way is produced by Big Oil companies who are polluting the environment. Let's use this crisis as an opportunity to wean ourselves off of gas and start using alternative fuels. Isn't that what the President's been telling us for the past 4 yrs? Here' his golden opportunity to put up or shut up!
Long gas lines in NJ on Wednesday, Oct. 31
Finally, Obama said yesterday that he was going to streamline government so that those affected by Sandy could get through to someone on the phone and that he would cut much of the red tape. To which, Romney has responded that this is what he wants to do every day as President--cut the red tape and regulations which drive up the price of gas, and slow its production and delivery and make government so ineffective. 

Obama wants to reduce the federal regulations for a few weeks because of those in dire need of help, but Romney wants to reduce the federal regulations permanently because we ALL are in dire need of help.

When all is said and done, which guy looks presidential and speaks with concern for all Americans? Obama or Romney? Cast your vote next Tuesday for the one who wants to reduce government regulation and make more gas and energy available as well as more jobs which will lift people out of poverty and dependence on food stamps. Cast your vote for the one who wants to reduce spending, cut the national debt and give us a balanced budget. If you want your 401-k to grow along with your present income, and the value of your home, then vote for Mitt Romney. Cast your vote for the one who wants to keep America  strong and safe by providing a strong military and once again, making America a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. Vote for Mitt Romney. 

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