Thursday, August 23, 2012

The New Normal

Recently, the LA Times ran a story on the resurgence of high gasoline prices at the pump, climbing well above $4.00 a gallon. The Times reports that:
 "Partisan finger-pointing aside, polls suggest that most people aren't as worked up over gas prices as they were four years ago, when a gallon of regular hit a national average of $4.11 a gallon."
In other words, the L.A.Times is saying that Californians are resigned to the "New Normal" where high gasoline prices are no big deal, even if you have to take out a loan to fill up your SUV.

Our President and the media are trying to push this thing called the "New Normal" which is nothing more than fatalism repackaged. During the Carter presidency, we had what was known as the "Misery Index" where Americans were kept informed on a weekly basis as to how miserable their lives were based on high inflation, price controls, and an energy crisis where Carter gave a fireside speech wearing a sweater along with encouraging all Americans to turn down their thermostats and put on a sweater.

Once again, we have a president telling us that we as Americans need to be satisfied with the New Normal.

Here's the New Normal that the Obama administration and the media are trying to get you to accept without any questions whatsoever:
  • High gasoline prices. We are told to get used to paying $3, 4 or 5 dollars a gallon for gas.The idea of paying $2.00 or less for a gallon of gas is a thing of the past. The price of gasoline has doubled under Obama. Obama's Energy chief, Steven Chu said this in 2008:   "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." This administration WANTS high gas prices. President Obama has said this about coal production:  "If someone wants to open a coal power plant then they can. Its just it will BANKRUPT them because they'll be charged a huge sum for all that green house gas being emitted." 
  • Rolling blackouts due to federal regulations prohibiting the construction of refineries, new power plants, coal production and nuclear energy. 
  • The median household income has declined by $4019. in the last four years. In the last 4 yrs., most middle-class families have lost at least $4000. or more in yearly income.
  • High unemployment and declining incomes. Yesterday's headline in USA Today: Middle-class poorer, earned less in 2000s. During the Obama administration,  most households' income has declined by $3500. yearly.Total unemployment is fifteen percent (the U-6 unemployment number). The percentage of people working continues to shrink along with the number of jobs available.  
  • More adult children are moving back home with parents. Three-in-ten parents reports (29%) report that their adult child has moved back in with them. This is the highest number since WWII.
  • Average selling price for homes has declined by 10%.
  • Home foreclosures have increased 34% under Obama.
  • Americans on food stamps have increased 42% under Obama.
  • Americans living in poverty has increased 16% under Obama.
  • The New Normal is a President telling you that "You didn't build that business of yours. You succeeded with the help of others, including your government."
Is This As Good As It Gets?

The "New Normal" is for those who have settled for a 2nd rate nation commandeered by Obama, a nation that is no longer first in the world, a nation that is no longer the world economic leader. We now have the highest corporate tax rate of any western nation in the world which has removed our competitive edge. This drives jobs to other countries as well as foreign investment.
The "New Normal" is learning how to be content with simple prosperity, learning to live in a smaller home with an older car, with less money saved for retirement, less money in savings because more of your money is taxed and taken from you. The "New Normal" is living with second-rate Obamacare where you have to wait 1-3 months to see a doctor.

Some in Southern California may gladly accept high gas prices and rolling blackouts as the "New Normal" but not me. I don't believe we have to settle for the high unemployment rate, or lack of jobs. I believe that with a roaring economy, once again, my home will increase rather than decrease in value.

I'm voting for Romney-Ryan in November so we can replace the New Normal with American Exceptionalism and the entrepreneurial spirit. I'm voting for Romney-Ryan because they believe that our freedom doesn't come from the government but rather by reducing the size of government and its intrusion in our daily lives.

Our country can be great once again and even respected by our enemies, whereas now, we are joke and our enemies are laughing at us behind our backs. They love our weak, impotent President who basically has allowed them to build their nuclear weapons and threaten Israel and the world without any fear of U.S. reprisal.

Our best days are still ahead. With the Romney-Ryan administration, we can return to a full job recovery, a reduction of the national debt and a nation that encourages small businesses and innovation once we've finally gutted the EPA with all of its costly regulations designed to destroy our nation's economy, and making us energy dependent on our enemies. With Romney-Ryan, we will ensure greater security for our nation by producing all of our energy here at home.

How about you? Are you happy with "The New Normal"? 

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