Friday, March 2, 2012

Obama's Energy Chief Wants Your Gas Prices To Go Up!!

I doubt that you've heard this because most of the media has kept it under wraps. Earlier this week, Steven Chu, the Nobel Prize-winning energy chief  for Obama was asked if the White House wanted to keep gas prices high. Chu said "Yes!" and he said it before a congressional committee.  He said they liked the prospect of high gasoline prices because if furthers the development of alternative fuels. 
Whatever you're paying at the pump is of NO concern for Steven Chu and the Obama White House. He told Congress this week that his goal is not to get the price of gasoline to go down. Did you get that? Obama's head of Energy says the high gas prices is not even a concern to him.  
According to Obama's head of the Energy Dept., our goal is NOT to decrease our dependency on oil. We're not going to "ok" the XL Pipeline from Canada and we're not going to drill for oil in Alaska, nor are we going to lift the drilling moratoriums in the Gulf or on the east or west coasts. Why? Because according to Chu, we don't want more oil. We don't want an oil-based economy. We want you using wind or solar-powered energy. 
But, don't worry, Obama shares your pain. Last night, he was at a glitzy New York City fundraiser where admission was $38,500 per person and 80 were present at an upscale Manhattan restaurant. Well, maybe he didn't feel your pain last night, but I'm sure he's going to feel your pain this weekend when he fills up his gas tank. Oh...I'm sorry...he doesn't drive? He never stops at a gas station. But he says he feels your pain. I hope  his pain doesn't keep him from missing any fundraisers. I for one would hate to see that.

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