Sunday, January 29, 2012

"A Secret Hope" is now available as an eBook!

I am excited to announce that my wife, Renee's, first book, A Secret Hope, is now available for download as an eBook at as well as Barnes & Noble and For the next two weeks, the introductory price will be a measly $.99. Then, in about two weeks, it will sell for $2.99. So this is your chance to get her book on your e-reader. (If you don't have an e-reader, you can get either a Kindle app or Nook app to download to your iPhone, Droid, iPad, Tablet, or your computer.)

Now, before you download the book, let me clue you in that it is historical fiction, set in 5th century Ireland. Renee did EXTENSIVE research on her subject (she could probably go out on the lecture circuit talking  about life and religion in 5th century Ireland). You can rest assured that "A Secret Hope" is historically accurate down to every detail, and according book editors and publishers, it is WELL-WRITTEN. I read an early manuscript of this book several years ago on our flight to Ireland and even then, before it went through many revisions and edits, I thought that this book would make a great movie! 

A Secret Hope centers on a girl, Ciara, who for most of her young life has hidden a secret that means death if it’s discovered. She is studying to become a Druidess but she is starting to doubt the power of the gods that she serves. In ancient Ireland, these gods had to be constantly appeased, and woe to the man or woman who offended them. 

Renee's book "Secret Hope" on
Tom Johnston's Kindle. Thanks Tom!
When Patrick brought the Gospel to Ireland the idea of one God was revolutionary. Even more so was the notion of a God who sought His people and longed to do good for them.

It is a historical fact that the High King's druid received a prophecy about a strange man who would come from across the sea, bringing knowledge of a foreign God who would displace their own pagan gods.

One day in a dream, Ciara receives what she thinks is a line of poetry. But it’s the work of the Holy Spirit, who has given her the same first line of the druid's prophecy about Patrick.
Download "A Secret Hope" for $.99 and if you like it, write a review at either or Also, spread the word and let others in your sphere of influence know about this book. Also, once you read A Secret Hope and get hooked, you need to knwo that there is a sequel, "Fury of Dragons" which Renee has written and it will be published as an eBook in about two months. 

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