Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some are saying, "Just Get Over It!"

At the risk of wearing you out on "9-11" thoughts, please indulge me for one more post. The post today is a "guest post" from Mary Keenan-Sadlon, and first appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

There are some saying that we should "get over 9-11" and just move on with our lives.
Here is Mary's response to those individuals:

  • I'll get over it when all the building is complete at the WTC w-i-t-h-o-u-t a mosque in the vicinity.
  • I'll get over it when the concrete barricades are removed from in front of the White House.
  • I'll get over it when our young men and women come home from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
  • I'll get over it when I can fly again without being doused in radiation or have a goon put his hands down my pants.
  • I'll get over it when the Director of Homeland Security stops profiling Conservatives and Christians as potential terrorists.
  • I'll get over it when the terrorist trials are over and the guilty are immediately executed.
  • I'll get over it when the so-called moderate Moslems in this country and elsewhere denounce terrorism and pledge allegiance to this country's law over Sharia law.
  • I'll get over it when we have a new President who will stand with America and NOT "the Muslims."
  • I'll get over it when I can sit in the living room of my apartment across the road from the Pentagon and look out of the window and wave at the pilots of the helicopters as they fly past my window to land at the Pentagon helo pad without thinking about the kids killed on Flight 77. How they must have screamed in fear.

Until then, I'll never get over it. I'll stay here in Chicago and let a stranger enjoy the view on Arlington Ridge.Justice for the living. Honor for the dead.

----From Mary Keenan-Sadlon.

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