Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My wife, the author.

Tomorrow, Renee (my better half) heads for the American Christian Fiction Writers' Convention in St. Louis at the Hyatt Regency which, by the way, has  no pool (now tell me, when do you build a hotel like the Hyatt and not install a pool? Are you trying to save a few bucks? Is this just a mid-west thing because they don't think anyone visiting St. Louis knows how to swim? Or is this the trend in luxury--no pool?? I sure hope not.) Anyway, it's a sure thing that I won't be doing any swimming at the St. Louis Hyatt-Regency this weekend. Anyway, that's OK because this weekend is not about me, it's about Renee and her future as a published author.

The ACFW convention is a pretty big deal with 8-900 in attendance from all over the U.S. Earlier this year, they had a competition and Renee was chosen as one of the three finalists! Imagine that?!! I'll be joining her for the banquet on Saturday night when the winner is announced (it could easily be Renee's name in that hermetically-sealed envelope with the tabulations verified by the accounting firm of Price-Waterhouse). Okay, so maybe there will not be a hermetically-sealed envelope but regardless, Renee's name could be announced as the winner of this competition.

In prep for this convention, I've done the graphics for a handout piece promoting one of her books. I've also been slaving away creating her new website which we uploaded last night. So, today is the world premiere of Renee's website (actually, a re-launch, since her website has been up for about 3 yrs.).

Check out Renee's website at: http://www.reneeyancy.com

Pray for Renee starting tomorrow (Wed.) as she is attending this convention, and pray for open doors for her as a writer. She's a really good writer, and she would probably be published by now if it weren't for the fact that her books are set in 5th century Ireland and Scotland. There is more of a demand for Amish Vampire books than for 5th century historical fiction. Her third book, Deanie's Tale, is set in the mid-1800s and is about a young Irish girl who escapes the Irish potato famine by coming to America, specifically Boston. This book has a better chance of getting published because it's more recent history. Sad to say, we live in a day when for most people, history extends back only a decade or two. Most know very little about the events or dates of WWI or WWII or the Vietnam War, so it's understandable that there might be some reluctance to read a book set in 5th century Ireland.

All that to say that I believe that Renee will get published, hopefully sooner rather than later. One of these days, you'll be able to order Renee's books at Amazon.com or download them as ebooks on your Nook or Kindle. It's gonna happen. Get in on the ground floor and check out her website today!

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  1. Honey, you are so sweet. I'm glad I married such a talented man!