Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Attorney General Holder speaks in "code"--but I've broken the code, using my special decoder ring.

As I write this post, I'm watching "World War Z" and it's kind of hard to follow the zombie attack on Jerusalem (didn't know zombies were "anti-semitic") and talk about politics. But here goes...bear with me.

Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department on Monday SUED North Carolina to block new state voting rules, part of a growing battle between the Democrat administration and Republican-controlled state houses over election laws and race. Holder said that new legislation in North Carolina would make it harder for many minority voters to participate in the electoral process. He was speaking in a special code but thankfully, I've broken the code, using my Capt. Midnight decoder ring which I received from sending in 3 seals from Ovaltine, the drink of champions.

Now when Eric Holder says that it makes it harder for "many minority voters" to participate in the electoral process, he's not talking about those who are Chinese, or Vietnamese, or those in the Indian community--no, this is "code" (which I have "decoded" using my special Capt.Midnight decoder ring) for black Americans or African-Americans. Apparently, Holder thinks that if you are black, you are too dumb to get an ID, or participate in the electoral process without some form of fraud. If I were black, I would be so offended, I'd grab the nearest microphone to tell off Holder that I don't need his help, and I'm NOT being disenfranchised from the electoral process. I'd tell Eric Holder to mind his own business and stop all this race-baiting. 

Yes, it's no secret that Holder is a true-blue racist. The VOTER ID threatens no one's rights. It ONLY makes it hard for Obama and Democrats to perpetuate voter fraud.
  • You need a photo ID to get a drink.
  • You need a photo ID to get on a plane.
  • You need a photo ID to rent a car, or to rent equipment.
  • You need a photo ID to cash a check.
  • You need a photo ID to enroll in social security or get food stamps or welfare.
  • You need a photo ID to rent an apt. or buy a house or get a mortgage.
  • You need a photo ID to buy Sudafed.

Let's just say it right out. Democrats want every illegal, ineligible and dead person to be able to cast a vote and be able to do it multiple times in multiple precincts. They know which way those votes will go and are willing to sacrifice the integrity of the system and effectively cancel out MY vote to retain power. To top it off, they pull out the trusty race card in an attempt to justify it and the media is an oh so willing accomplice. 

If you don't have a photo ID in America in 2013, you're too stupid to vote anyway!

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