Saturday, August 17, 2013

The "contrived outrage" over the Missouri rodeo clown

When Missouri does stupid, they go all the way! I'm talking about their reaction to a rodeo clown who dared to wear an Obama mask (BTW, get your Obama Halloween mask now, while supplies last) as the announcer called for him to "get gored." Talk about contrived anger. The response to this incident by the libs in Missouri and elsewhere is so out-of-proportion!

This is no different than the Islamic crowds marching, chanting for those who have offended Mohammed to be beheaded. The leftists in Missouri and this country are behaving like the Taliban. They're acting as though Obama (the Messiah) has been blasphemed by a rodeo clown!

Of course, you have the AP reporter who had to hunt down the one offended spectator who likened this to a "KKK rally." So now you have a racial incident. The rodeo clown was "racist" and what he did is a hate crime!

The State Fair commission has now called for the members of the rodeo association to prove that all officials and sub-contractors have completed sensitivity training before competing in future rodeos. Are you kidding me? Do you know what sensitivity training is? It's like being "brain-washed"--it's where you are told to keep your mouth shut because almost anything you say or do will offend someone. Sensitivity training is basically a course in "You'd better think like we want you to think, or you're a racist, hatemonger." It's the leftist's attempt to destroy free speech, to basically curb your first amendment rights. 

George Bush with his head in a noose.
I suspect that the poor rodeo clown who dared to mock Obama will now be audited by the IRS and investigated by our Justice Department for civil rights' violations (hate crimes). 

Does anybody remember George W. Bush being hanged in effigy including the famous "Pants on Fire Tour" led by Ben and Jerry's founder Ben Cohen who hit the road with a 12-ft. tall effigy of Bush? The Left did things like this to Bush every other week including making a movie depicting his assassination. And nobody ever "had a cow." Nobody was ever fired, lost their job, sent to sensitivity training, or anything else. In fact the media loved it and celebrated it because it's OK to mock the sitting President if he happens to be a Republican. When are Republicans going to learn that making fun of Democrats is illegal?

When all is said and done, this was just some guy wearing an Obama mask, parading around as a clown. The real clown is in the White House.

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