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170 languages spoken in the NYC public school system: Multiculturalism run amok!!!

I've always wanted to visit Sweden, but now I discover I can immigrate to Sweden and they'll provide for my needs with food, medical care and free housing. What a deal! This must be paradise. No...this is multi-culturalism, Swedish-style!

Stockholm rocked by 5 nights of rioting
Recently, in Stockholm, Sweden, police have been called to quell riots where immigrants were torching cars with Molotov cocktails. When police and firefighters arrived, they were greeted with a barrage of rocks. Over 200 cars were set on fire as well as schools and other buildings. 

Welcome to multi-culturalism in Sweden, a perfect example of how to destroy a nation from
Over 200 cars torched in Stockholm rioting

Not too many years ago, Sweden was among the most ethically-homogeneous nations. Today, ten-percent of its population is comprised of recent immigrants. 

Even though immigrant unemployment is high, these violent outbursts can't be blamed on any austerity measures. The Swedish government has poured billions into caring for its immigrants including free health care and other services. A family of four in Sweden is entitled to around $3000. in welfare benefits each month. Last year, every middle-school pupil in the public schools received a brand-new iPad. 

So why has Sweden failed to integrate new immigrants despite extraordinary tolerance and generosity? According to Tino Sanandaji, a Kurd immigrant growing up in Sweden from the age of 9, the answer lies in
Sweden's unconditional tolerance itself.

She writes in the National Review (Torching Utopia) that "Multiculturalism itself is an even bigger impediment to integration. Multiculturalism teaches that natives have no moral right to impose their culture on immigrants. Instead, immigrants are encouraged to cling to the culture of their home country. This approach impedes integration into both the Swedish way of life and the Swedish economy. The Swedish establishment has embraced multiculturalism perhaps more wholeheartedly than any other country has."

She goes on to say, "It is simply not true that Afghan culture equips one for success in the West as much as Swedish culture does. Some integration naturally occurs despite multiculturalism, but the overall failure is hard to deny. Even second-generation immigrants do not fully integrate, if we measure in terms of fundamental cultural traits such as interpersonal trust.

Making matters worse, multiculturalism morally privileges Third World cultures over Western culture. It preaches a modern version of original sin, damning Western civilization for historical crimes such as colonialism and racism."

Multi-culturalism has failed in Sweden and everywhere else. When we teach that all cultures are equal and need to be respected, we are falling prey to political-correctness. The culture of western Europe and America has made more contributions to the advancement of civilization than any other culture in the world. Visit Africa and ask them about their contributions to world civilization. 

Did Africa or the Muslim culture in the Middle East give us hospitals, universities, the Red Cross, penicillin, the automobile, the airplane, the telephone, the computer, modern drugs to fight disease and sickness? No, of course not. Did Africa or the Middle East defend the world from Hitler or Japan during WWII? Yet in our government-run schools today, teachers are educating our children to believe that the culture in Africa and Afghanistan is equal to that of the United States. In fact, our public school teachers and professors are purposely lying about America's achievements and contributions to the world and consistently portraying the U.S. as the worst civilization in world history.

In some university classrooms, the Taliban is held in greater esteem than U.S. culture which is castigated as the worst evil in the world, along with Israel and Christianity.

Finally, multi-culturalism is a failure because we are a nation comprised of individuals who wanted to come here because of the American dream, for freedom and liberty.

The glue that once held all the citizens of America together was their love for democracy and liberty. They knew that in America, they had a future and a hope. They didn't want to identify with the country they had left. They wanted to do whatever it took to become an American, and not a hyphenated American either.

But today, we are receiving a steady influx of immigrants who don't want to become Americans. They despise the American culture and want to identify with the country they left. They want to carve out their own little culture in the midst of American. This can be clearly seen in Dearborn, Michigan, which looks more and more like a Middle-eastern city.

Sadly, our government and our leaders think this is wonderful because they too have bought into the multi-cultural lie that we can be a nation of many cultures, where English is not necessary, such as in the NYC public school system where over 170 languages are spoken. Did you get that? 170 languages are spoken in the NYC public school system!! No wonder, nobody is getting an education and can't speak English or read or write. 

Instead of expecting people to learn English here in America, we are so accommodating: Press 1 for English; Press 2 for Spanish; Press 3 for Swingali; Press 4 for Arabic; Press 5 for Hindi; Press 6 for Portuguese; Press 7 for Russian; Press 8 for Hebrew; Press 9 for Chinese.......and you get the picture.

The torching of utopia that we are seeing in Sweden is headed our way. We have allowed too many immigrants to enter America in recent years without educating them concerning America's greatness and her contributions to the world. Instead, we downplay, minimize our greatness as though we are ashamed of all that we have done to liberate peoples around the world. 

For more insight into why multi-culturalism has failed in Sweden and is failing here as well, Read Tino Sanandaji's excellent article, Torching Utopia

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