Thursday, April 25, 2013

Everybody wants to ignore the elephant in the room

After the Oklahoma City bombing, President Clinton immediately blamed the bombing on Rush Limbaugh and talk radio. The media along with Pres. Clinton rushed to judgment and as usual got it wrong. Here are some other uninformed, politically-correct and ignorant remarks uttered after the Boston terrorist attack:
  • Before the identities of the Boston bombers were confirmed, NPR counter-terrorism expert, Dina Temple-Raston reported that her sources were leaning towards believing that this was a homegrown attack by right-wing extremists. She said, "April is a big month for anti-government and right-wing individuals."
  • Mayor Michael Bloomberg rushed to judgment in speculating that the Times Square bomber might have been an angry right-winger who was upset over Obamacare.
  • David Sirota, Salon Magazine, tweeted that he hoping and praying that the bombers would turn out to be "white Americans."
  • Jake Tapper, CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem have this exchange about it all. TAPPER:  It certainly seems as though these individuals are, uh, Islamic terrorists. KAYYEM:  Well,
    yes. But - but that’s  - those are two separate words at this stage. Because I think after 9/11 we have this fear of tying a, you know, Muslim with terrorism. We shouldn't do that.
  • AP (Associated Press) reported: "Two U.S. officials say preliminary evidence from an interrogation suggests the suspects in the Boston Marathon attack were motivated by their religious views but were apparently not tied to any Islamic terror groups."
  • CBS' Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer, asked Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, “of what the motive of these two young men was?” Patrick replied, “Not yet, Bob, and it’s hard for me and for many of us to imagine what could motivate people to harm innocent men, women, and children in the way that these two fellows did.” 

The family of Krystle Campbell, who was killed
in the bombings at the Boston Marathon,
leave her funeral Mass in Medford, Mass.,
on Monday
Here's my take-away from all this: The MEDIA and those on the LEFT were hoping that the Boston terrorist attack was the work of right-wing, Bible thumping, gun-toting, tea party types. They wanted to believe that this heinous act was perpetrated by gun-toting, Christian extremists.Why? Because if you love Jesus and believe in the Bible, you are a bigger threat to the U.S. than Islamic terrorists. The MOST hated group in America in the minds of the Left (and most of your media) is evangelical Christians.

The elephant in the room that NOBODY wants to talk about is ISLAM which sanctions these terrorist attacks in the name of holy jihad. Islam teaches that if you are not a believer in Islam, you are an infidel and if you won't convert, then you need to be killed. These two young men were not psychopaths or sociopaths--they were following the teachings of Islam. The Left which includes professors on most university and college campuses LOVES ISLAM, and in the name of political-correctness, will give Muslims a pass every single time.

If this heinous act had been done by a Catholic, the Pope and most Catholic priests would have immediately condemned their actions.

But where is the condemnation from the Muslim community? Where are the Imams on the local news condemning this terrorist act?
Where is the outrage from the Islamic community? Nothing but a deafening silence. Why? Because many of them quietly support this terrorism, and believe that America is finally getting what she deserves.

In my next post, I'll give you some insight into Sharia law and how the Muslim community wants to make Sharia law the law of the land here in America.

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